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Mini-Reviews (4/16/14)

What I’m watching
Rules of Engagement
We are no longer in the age of “don’t miss next week’s episode.” With at first recording shows on tape, then box sets, now with DVR, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, and any other possible way you can watch TV, we are no longer restricted to watching a show when it first comes out and then hoping to catch reruns later. Which is why I’m talking about a show that…

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5 Marvel Properties that Need to be Brought into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and that you have never heard of

So with Captain America still kicking ass at the box office, Agents of SHIELD finally becoming the show everyone wanted it to be from the start, and the constant buzz around both Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers 2 I thought I’d do a Marvel list for today’s blog. Here are my top five Marvel properties that need to be the next addition to the MCU.

This series has a rabid cult following…

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Mini-Reviews (4/9/14)

What I’m Watching
There are few shows out there that can still surprise me every episode after 4 seasons. Shameless is one of those shows. It is sick, deprived, horrible, and I love every strange minute of it. Focused on a poor family in Chicago’s south side, Shameless does the perfect balancing act with each of its characters being some of the worst people you’ve ever met and yet…

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Why Does Captain America use a Shield?

Most superheroes have their weapon of choice. Batman has his utility belt, Ironman has his suit, Wolverine has his claws. Each of these weapons says a lot about each of the characters. Batman always comes prepared and will outsmart his villains, Ironman is constantly improving his suit and himself, Wolverine constantly battles between his human and beast natures. So why does Captain America, a…

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier

As I stated in my blog post “Everything You Need to Know About Captain America: The Winter Soldier” this is the first time a superhero movie has ever used a specific storyline as their basis of the movie. You can go into a Barnes and Nobel or any comicbook shop, or go online and read them through Comixology like I do, and read the direct inspiration of the story told in the movie. This is the…

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Everything You Need to Know About Game of Thrones Season 4

This is a minor spoiler warning. Although I will not give away and major plot points or character arcs, I will be mentioning a few things from the book. So if you want to go in to this season completely fresh, feel free to leave us here, but if you want a good recap plus some hints on what to look out for this season then read on.

Where we left everyone at the end of last season
Like every season,…

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What I’m Watching (4/2/14)

It used to be ground breaking to have a show who’s whole central cast is gay, but after shows like Queer as Folk, Will and Grace, and The L Word have come and gone we no longer need the up in your face “we’re here, we’re queer, get used to it” mentality in these kinds of shows. This is right where Looking finds itself. It is not concerned with the “gay lifestyle”, but instead focuses on…

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How I Gave up on Meeting Your Mother (Or why Seinfeld is the best Sitcom of all time)

How I Gave up on Meeting Your Mother. If you enjoyed the finale or not, check this blog out!

So last night (or tonight for when I’m first writing this) was the finale of How I Met Your Mother. A show that has lasted for nine seasons, and actually keeping all five of the main characters with no changes, additions, or losses in the main cast. If nothing else you do need to give them credit for going this long. However it is the fact that they have gone on for this long that I have given up…

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Everything You Need to Know About Captain America; The Winter Soldier

Everything You Need to Know About Captain America; The Winter Soldier (Mild Spoiler Warning)

Warning, in doing these brief description pieces I will be spoiling some parts of the movie. Although I am going to avoid large spoilers, both out of courtesy and out of the fact that I have also not yet seen the movie myself, I will be explaining the origins of several of the new characters and plot elements in the upcoming Captain America movies, coming out April 4th. So if you want to go in…

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What I’m… (3/26/14)

What I’m… (3/26/14) Check out this week’s mini-reviews.

What I’m Watching
Agents of SHIELD
Every so often I still need to remind myself that Superheroes are main stream. Last year’s highest grossing movie was Iron Man 3, we have 4 more Superhero movies coming out this year, The Avengers movie didn’t only happen but was good, giant movie studios are creating shared universes that actually care about characters and continuity, hell The Joker was an Oscar…

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The Blog is Back!!!

The Blog is Back!!! Come Check it out!!!

To my loyal readers old and new welcome back to the J String, not to be confused with the long dead podcast the J Spot, which you can probably still find on iTunes if you really want to listen to hours of me and my college friends talking about nothing and pleading for listener responses.
I’m going to try and pump out post a day every weekday.

Every Monday you will be able to find a new movie…

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Going Dark Again

Hey guys, sorry to do this again so soon, but I’m going to be rather busy over the next two weeks. Afterward I will finally have my room all to myself again, and with it my computer, which hopefully means I will be able to be better on top of this blog.…

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How I Would be ok with Gay Marriage Staying Illegal

The only way that I would be ok with Gay Marriage not becoming legal.

The Supreme Court has recently finished hearing arguments for and against Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act, also known as Prop 8 and DOMA respectively.  This decision will change the lives of every homosexual person in America. Now even…

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What I’m Watching 04/09/13

Top of the DVR
So Game of Thronesis finally back, and of course I’m not gonna be talking about anything else right now besides this amazing show. I’m sure by now that if your don’t watch this show you know at least 50 people who are watching it and…

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I Believe in Comedy pt. 3

My final blog about my history with comedy. Check it out!

I bond a lot over comedy. Most of my interactions with other people are jokes. A snarky comment here, a sarcastic remark there, and if I can work it into conversation, then I have a few dozen funny stories in my holster that I can whip out and tell. In…

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